Totem Poles & Masks
Kris working on a Totem pole
       Kris also carves various items in wood.  White cedar is in abundance in the area where he lives, and it it is the wood of choice for outdoor and indoor works.  Cedar is both beautiful in colour and tone, and its strength and resistance to insects and weather make it the obvious choice.   Kris is however not adverse to working  with other woods if available.  All wood work is done by hand with hand tools only.  Only on occasion are poles "roughed out" with a chain saw before finishing and painting by hand.

    Totem poles are not entirely traditional to Anishnaabe people.  "We did however, erect clan poles to honour our lineage.  My poles reflect that tradition incorporating traditional clan symbols and contemporary images."  If the poles are finished with paint, the designs are 'Woodland' in style, with vibrant colours, and distinct lines.

   Totem Poles

    Totem poles, like all o
f Kris' work, tells a story.  Each symbol or totem on a pole represents a feeling, a person, an animal, a place, or a concept.   We try to always meet the people we are doing a pole for and visit the place where it will be erected.  Kris draws on stories the people tell him about themselves, their history or the area for subject matter.   Below are a few samples of the poles done in recent years.

Bobcaygeon pole Stoney Lake Pole Cameron Lake pole Bridgenorth
Bobcaygeon, Ontario
Height: 16 feet
Stoney Lake, Ontario
Height:  16 feet
Cameron Lake , Ontario
Height:  19 feet
Bridgenorth, Ontario
Height: 4 & 6 feet
Family Pole
Tarek Pole

Cedar Point, North of Midland, Ontario
Height: 10 feet
Title TBA, North of Midland, Ontario
Height: 18 feet

Totem Pole Commissions: 

For further information on Totem Pole Commissions
contact Donna Child at Artworld Fine Art Gallery, Toronto OR 416-620-0500



Unity Pole

Artworld Fine Art is pleased to have facilitated the commission of the Unity Pole by gallery artist Kris Nahrgang for the Canadian National Exhibition,

soon to be permanently erected on the grounds of the CNE. The pole will be on display during the 2017 CNE, August 18-September 4.


Rainwater Pole
Keech, Elissa & Kris at the unveiling
This Totem Pole was commissioned as a wedding gift for Keech Rainwater, the drummer of the country Band Lonestar.  CMT Canada Host Elissa Lansdell, his fiancee, contacted me through this website to create a very personal gift to be presented at their wedding rehearsal party September 24th, 2004.  I was supplied with letters, pictures and stories about the couple and went to work, incorporating what I knew about them with traditional Anishnaabe cultural symbols.  What resulted was one of my most favourite poles to date, very intricately painted and quite meaningful to the new owners.  That is the best part. 
The unveiling took place at Elissa's parents home in Oakville.  The pole will be on its way to Keech's mountain home in Tennessee via tour bus. 

Rainwater Mountain, Tennessee
Height: 12 feet total


    Masks have origins in all Native cultures around the world.  They express feelings, spirits, emotions and people.  Kris' masks are made of cedar, hand carved and painted.  Colours and moods of the masks depend on many things.  Horse Hair is used for hair in the examples below.  


Mask large
Mask Small
Large Mask:  $650 cdn
Dimensions:  1 x 3 feet
Small Mask:  $550 cdn
Dimensions:  1x 2 feet
Mask Pricing: 
Depends on size and intricacy of painting detail.
As always, we try to work within your budget.

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