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                        "Kris Nahrgang is one of the foremost Ojibway soapstone sculptors in Canada, if not North America.  Drawing on his Anishinaabe heritage and his surroundings as inspiration for each carving he creates, Kris carves a wide variety of subjects, evoking feelings, places, legend and people.
These are translated into intricate soapstone and wood carvings, or acrylics on canvas or hide. "

Teachings From the Creator  
   Kris Nahrgang

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        "Teachings From The Creator"
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Kris Nahrgang 

Please visit our Photo Gallery for pictures of present sculpture for sale, as well as past works I have done.  We have recently updated with photos of most of the current and available works, as well as most of my past favorite pieces.  Please enjoy!

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Visit the site dedicated to my other passion, Archaeology, and First Nations Issues
Cultural Explorers

Read the article about Kris and all that he does published in the March 2004 issue of Saturday Night Magazine
SNM cover
Click here to read the PDF format of the article

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