Soapstone Sculpture
Ancestors Speak
"Ancestors Speak" Sold

"Rarely do I ever have an idea of what a carving will be before I begin. 
I am influenced by sublties inside the stone, my environment,
my peoples history, and my mood at the time. 
It is always a surprise when I am finished."

    Brazilian Soapstone is the current stone of choice for Kris.  The variation in colours available, lend themselves well to different subjects, while being soft enough to allow for intricate detail.  Kris also works with alabaster, marble, domestic soapstone and other soft stones, although mostly as commission work. 

    Power tools are hardly ever used in the completion of a sculpture.  Files and chisels are the primary tools used, allowing for a more intimate relationship with the stone.  The finish used is an acrylic lacquer, which is UV protectant, does not yellow and is much more durable then an oil or wax finish.  The entire stone can be sealed, or only selected areas.  This gives the piece more depth, playing the light colour of the raw stone (seen in the hair below) off the rich colours of the finished stone.
    Kris carves a wide variety of subjects, evoking feelings, places, legend and people.  Personal commissions are always negotiable, and it is very satisfying when the idea of the client is manifested in a physical form.  All sculpture, large and small are a journey, and hold a story.  While some are difficult to let go, it is always comforting to know that they find homes with loving collectors.  "It can be such a treat to visit the pieces in their new homes and to see their new owners appreciating them as much, if not more than I can".
The Gathering
"The Gathering"  Sold

At shows we always encourage the visitors to 'touch the stone'
 The stone has an energy that needs to be felt, and every person experiences something different. 
While we can't have you touch them here, please take a look at our On-line gallery!

Visit our On-line Photo Gallery

We would also invite you to visit one of our shows, the work must be
seen and felt for the full experience.

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