Painted Canvas, Murals, Drums and Hides, etc.

    Another of Kris' passions is painting and drawing.  While this has fallen to the back burner in recent years, he continues to paint on different materials.  In the past he has painted skin drums, skins, buffalo robes, canvas, paper, and various other surfaces.  Subjects tend to be of wildlife, done in a variation of the Woodland style of Native art.  The bodies of these animals are filled with "Spirit Lines", which depict the power, and spirit of the creature.  Vibrant colours are used to emphasize their presence, and reflect the place they hold in our lives. 
Cultural Explorers Logo
     Kris keeps a folio of different subjects on hand, and can transfer by hand these images to most any surface.  In fact, he is at this moment designing a large wall mural for a local college.  Kris' designs have been used as logos for various organizations, even tattoos for individuals.

    Kris has done collaborative fine art painting with wildlife artist Debbie Fitzgerald, lending a spiritual, Native element to fine, wildlife art.  While there are few originals left for sale, there is always the opportunity to purchase a limited edition print, or a whole edition to sell retail or at galleries.  Kris and Debbie did many of these collaborative works, and he would be happy to make an appointment to view the transparencies with interested individuals.

Bear Drum
Eagle with Debbie
Eagle Coat
Acrylic Bear, Deer hide Drum
"The Messenger"
Acrylic on Canvas, collaborative
work with Debbie Fitzgerald
Acrylic Eagle on felt

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