Frequently Asked Questions
If there are questions you do not have answered here, email us and we will try to post the answers, or get back to you personally.

Do you ever teach carving classes, or give demonstrations?
I have taught many classes in the past, for both adults and children.  Some have
been healing workshops, some as far away as James Bay.  I haven't done any
teaching in the last few years, but I certainly wouldn't rule it out.  It is important
to pass along the gifts we are given.  If you have an opportunity let me know.
Q.  I have a special occasion coming up, do you do private commissions?
A. I can usually accommodate most requests.  I try to work with you and create something within your budget.  Time can be an issue, but is not always an obstacle.  I may even have a piece on hand that may suit your needs.

Q. How long have you been carving?
For about 14 years now.  I did auto body for years, and as a result of the machines used my hands were ruined.  I began sculpture as a therapy, and, well, the rest is history.

Q.  How long does it take to complete a large piece, such as The Gathering?
A. If I kept track of time I probably wouldn't do this.  Once I get into a piece, it takes hold of me and can result in some very late nights.  The Gathering probably took a good part of 3 weeks to complete.  Once a piece is started, I can't wait to see the finished product!
Q. Can I visit your studio?
My studio is in my home, and there is not always someone there to give a proper tour.  I would suggest that if you want to visit, you should call ahead, so I can be available to show you around.

Q. Do you do charitable donations?
A. I usually give a few pieces a year to various charities.  Ducks Unlimited,  OSPCA, Keene Church restoration fundraiser, Cancer Society, Senior Associations etc..  Please contact me if you would like me to donate a piece for your fundraising event.
I understand you did a line of bronze funeral urns in the past, can I get one now?
A. The urns are not in production at this moment.  However, if there was a renewed interest in them, I would certainly start to supply them again.  I have recently done urns in soapstone, for a few individuals.  These are much less expensive than urns you can get at a Funeral Home.  If you have a request, let me know.

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