Corporate Commissions
Last Updated July 13, 2006

    Handmade, one of a kind sculpture make excellent incentives, gifts and prizes.  The uniqueness of each piece imparts a personal feeling our clients prefer over mass produced products.  We always strive to work with individual customers to come up with innovative, unique solutions for any corporate need. 

    To date, Spirit of the Stone Studios has completed various different corporate projects, the largest and most recent being Archaeological Services Inc. and The Golf Association of Ontario.

    Don't forget! we do large sculpture monuments as well.  Have your logo as a handmade sculpture, or invest in some authentic Canadian Native Art to grace the foyer of your offices or headquarters.

Archaeological Services Inc.
Effigly pipe replica, ASI
This piece was commissioned by Archaeological Services Inc. as corporate art work for their boardroom.  The soapstone piece is a large scale replica of an effigy pipe  (smoking pipe used by First Nations, decorated with images)  that was unearthed by ASI during excavations on an archaeological site in Barrie, Ontario.  This artifact has been dated to AD 1400-1450.  The pipe has been interpreted as having a human face on one side and a wolf (?) on the other.  The carving is set on a cedar pole with an Eagle feather carved on the front.  The original artifact is curated by the Huronia Museum in Midland, Ontario.

Golf Association of Ontario
GAO Eagle Golf Feather The prizes seen here were for a number of the amateur golf tournament awards for 2003.  The emblem of the GAO was counter sunk into each piece.  Upwards of  50 pieces were completed for the 2003 season, these included Feathers and Eagles (seen here) as well as Ancestors.  We have now also completed another line of first prizes for the 2004 season.

General Motors
GM Mountains GM Mountains The sculptures seen here are part of an incentive/award program new for Saturn /Saab for the next 3 years.  Each sculpture consists of three separate mountains, each representing goals attained for the next 3 years.  The mountain has the Saturn/Saab emblems inserted into the front.  76 sets of three mountains were completed this summer.  You can see from the picture the uniqueness of each mountain, each stone is different.

In Pursuit of a Quest,
Novel By: Sharon L. Willshaw

In Pursuit of a Quest Amulette Amulette This moose antler amulet was commissioned by a local author who wanted to have a real life depiction of the subject of her children's book.  The Amulet was done in moose antler and framed in a shadow box.  The amulet was used as a prize for one lucky child at the launch of the book.

Windswept Pine The Shadow box seen here is another option for such commissions.  This windswept pine is done in white alabaster with a soapstone piece signifying land underneath.  The subject could be anything, we have done petroglyphs, feathers and are working on an accompanying "ice pick" to go with the General Motors order.  The frames are available in Barn board (as seen here), cherry (as seen above) and black.  Sizes:  5x6 (seen here), 8x10 and larger..

    The options are almost endless!  We can make most things happen.  We deliver on time, and can do larger quantities, as demonstrated here. 
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